Grant Abbreviation Benefits Url

Age Management Grant ; Job Redesign Grant; Work Life Garnt ; Recruitment and Retention Incentives; On the job training allowance for each new hire; new hire retention incentive to retain new hires earning monthly salary of up to $4500 and recruited through WDA touchpoints; mentorship allowance;
Wage Credit Scheme EWCS

Wage Credit Scheme - Cofunding 40% of wage increases given to SG employees from 2013 - 2015; 20% for 2016-2017; wage credit given only to SG employees up to $4000;
Enterprise Trainig Support Scheme ETS

Training grants, cirriculum contextualisation and alignment grant; capability grant; HR edvelopment grant; compensation and benefits system review grant
Enhanced Training Support for SMEs

Certifiable Courses by WDA: 90% course fee subisdy, capped at $30 per hour; 90% course fee subsidy fo continuing education and Training Centres' courses; $15 per hour for in-house certifiabel training; absentee payroll of 80% of basic hour salary, capped at $7.50 per hour; 90% subsidy for cost of polytechnics' academic CET programmes; Absentee payroll of 80% of basic hourly salary, capped at $7.50 per hour for polytechnics' and institute of technical education's academic CET programme
HR Shared Services

Interested SMEs can tap into a pool of solution providers for HR services and systems and outsource their admin HR such as payroll, employee data and benefits administration; 70% funding support for qualifying development and adoption costs from spring
P-Max PMax

Participating SMEs can enroll into PME and SME workshops to learn how to communicate to newly hired PMEs; one time $5000 assistance Grant upon sucessful completion of the six month follow up and retention of newly hired PMEs upon completion of workshops under the programme


Loan Insurance Scheme (Plus) LIS. LIS+

Co-sharing of loan insurance premium between SME and government. Funding is subjective to Participating Financial Instituitions determined by underwriting. LIS+ is a complementary programme to LIS where the government will underwrite new laons which are beyond the capacity of the commercial underwriters
Market Access Incubation Programme MAIP

70% funding to cover airfare, accomodation, rental of exhibition space and booth construction costs
International Marketing Activities Programme IMAP

50% - 70% of eligible expenses at iMAP-Supported Missions & Trade Fairs
Double Tax Deduction DTD

200% Tax Deduction on eligible expenses for supported market expansion and investment development activities
Global Company Partnership CGCP

70% of funding for eligible expenses for market access, capability, building and manpower development activities for SMEs. 50% for other Singapore Companies
Market Readiness Assistance Grant MRA

70% of the eligible for overseas market set up activities, identification of overseas business partners, overseas market promotion activities, capped at 20k; 2 applications per fiscal year from 1april to 31st march; one activtiy per application
Productivity & Innovation Grant PIC

60% off $100k for cash payouts per year or 400% tax deduction capped at $400k per year for each qualifying aciitvity
iSprint iSPRINT

Up to 70% funding to adopt basic, intermediate and sector specific solutions (Payroll, CRM, Sales Persons Management System)

Up to 80% funding for SMEs, capped at 1million, to pioneer the use of new scalable sector specific solutions with vendors
Innovation & Capability Voucher ICV

8 Vouchers up to $5000 each, pre-purchase grants, no refund of excess monies. Capped at 2 for Productivity solutions
Capability Development Grant CDG

Defray up to 70% of qualifying project costs in 10 areas - No mentionable cap