10 Things to Impress a Silicon Valley Investor

Imagine this setting: You, a super-smart startup founder with a killer business idea, have a pitch meeting with an investor in Silicon Valley. You’re nervous. You can’t eat. You’re dwelling on all the terrible things that could happen in the meeting (forgetting key points of the presentation, fumbling over difficult multisyllabic words, falling out of…

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How to be as clear as Elon Musk

While others write bullshit-filled press-releases, Elon Musk tells you exactly what he’s planning, in plain language. Here’s what you can learn from Musk: write directly to the reader, be clear, be organized, and be engaging. Source: How to be as clear as Elon Musk Photo by OnInnovation

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Startup Best Practices 17 – Strategic Planning Using Your Startup’s Fundamental Equation

Tomasz Tunguz writes: “..fundamental equation of a business can be a terrific best practice for prioritizing key initiatives across product, marketing, sales and customer success. It’s also a great tool to elevate a team conversation from the everyday tasks to more strategic initiatives.” More than helping to question assumptions, prioritize projects and align teams, the…

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