Did Uber fail in China?

Jianggan explores the real story behind the Didi-Uber merger in China, beyond the common commentaries on lack of understanding of China and strong local team. He opines that Didi and KuaiDi (both merged to each other) already gained first mover advantage in amassing local marketshare. Secondly Didi’s investors have higher tolerance of the burn-rate than Uber’s.…

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NTUC Income joins the startup accelerator foray

Yes, even Singapore insurer NTUC Income has hopped on the startup accelerator bandwagon. The program’s full name, announced today, is a mouthful: “Income Future Starter, Powered by TAG.PASS.” This means it’s run with the help of Infocomm Investments, a Singapore government-linked investment firm. TAG.PASS (yes it’s an actual acronym) is Infocomm Investment’s accelerator format for…

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How much should founders be paid?

You can scream and cry all you like, but the horrible truth is, being a startup founder isn’t all ripped jeans and iced lattes (although that does make up as much of my day as possible, obviously) – it means making sacrifices. That means earning much less, for much more work. But what is the…

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