Accenture: Absolute Immutability Will Slow Blockchain Progress

David Treat, managing director and head of Accenture’s capital markets blockchain practice, opines on the difficulties of immutability. For decentralized cryptocurrency systems, immutability has been crucial in building trust between parties and faith in the system, and that has resulted in the rapid interest and growth in this area. Blockchain’s audit and data-tracking capabilities are…

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Microsoft’s Bletchley Blockchain Project Enters Next Phase

Microsoft unveiled a new version of its consortium blockchain software Bletchley today, which is a tool designed to make it easier for Project Bletchley users to spin up a consortium using a private version of the ethereum blockchain. The project is the latest sign that Microsoft remains interesting in developing ethereum as an “infrastructure layer”…

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Thomson Reuters Demos New Ethereum Blockchain Use Cases

Thomson Reuters scientist Dr Tim Nugent detailed the company’s ethereum research efforts at Devcon2 today. believes that other than news service, it has four other verticals it believes blockchain would better apply to, including its financial and risk; legal; tax and accounting; and intellectual property and science offerings. Source Photo by Pricey

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