Blockchain Executives Sign Pledge to Address Governance Issues

Following the notable struggles of the ethereum community following a recent technical change, and amid an ongoing debate in the bitcoin community of how best to increase the network’s transaction capacity, fourteen blockchain executives have signed a letter calling for changes to the way blockchain governance is managed. Read more at CoinDesk

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The Vault: Could This Technical Fix Block Bitcoin Hackers?

A new proposal could make it easier for bitcoin exchanges to guard against hacks, where users a new address for storing bitcoin, which has been nicknamed “the vault”. Using the vault, owners can essentially undo the transaction, reverting the bitcoins in question back to the owner, in the event of a hack. Read more at…

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Voldemort is Helping Solve Bitcoin’s Biggest Problems

An anonymous cryptographer named after Harry Potter’s archenemy has put forth a proposal experts believe could help solve major issues facing bitcoin such as scalability and anonymity. Read more at How a Cryptographer Named After Harry Potter’s Archenemy is Helping Solve Bitcoin’s Biggest Problems Photo by colmmcsky

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