Preparing for a Bitcoin Hard Fork

While a bitcoin hard fork isn’t imminent, its developers have begun to research how the complex technical change could be enacted, if needed. A hard fork meant that every node – miners, merchants and users – had to upgrade to be able to validate the new blocks, but due to the controversial reason for the…

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Bitcoin Threatens Credit Card Issuers

Banco Santander’s securities investment affiliate has published a new report on bitcoin that predicts a significant impact on credit card issuers. Issuers and acquirers have the disadvantages of long transaction times, operational costs and associated fees and taxes as factors. Bitcoin transactions with their low (or no) costs and fees puts at risk the entire…

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ABN Amro Denies Releasing a Bitcoin Wallet

Dutch banking giant ABN Amro has denied it is seeking to release a consumer bitcoin wallet. This follows news that Estonia’s LHV Bank, has previously released a bitcoin wallet app and accounting giant Deloitte this week installed a bitcoin ATM in its Toronto offices. Read more at CoinDesk Photo by aloxe

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