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Preparing for a Bitcoin Hard Fork

While a bitcoin hard fork isn’t imminent, its developers have begun to research how the complex technical change could be enacted, if needed. A hard fork meant that every node – miners, merchants and users – had to upgrade to be able to validate the new blocks, but due to the controversial reason for the…

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Pioneer in Singapore’s startup ecosystem closes its bootcamp programme

JFDI has made official today that it will shutdown its accelerator programme — widely considered to be the pioneering accelerator in Singapore’s startup community – and pivot to corporate co-venturing to marry the agility of startups with the scaling potential of multi-national corporations. Its first two corporate partnerships are with corporates like Bosch and Mediacorp.…

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KPMG Launches New Blockchain Services Suite

Global accounting firm KPMG yesterday launched a suite of tools designed to help banks and other financial services firms build with blockchain in a compliant way, by partnering with Microsoft using its blockchain platform. The new blockchasin services will leverage on the existing process expertise and regulatory expertise of KMPG. Read more at CoinDesk  …

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